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What's new, November/December 2005


8 Lomza Czerwins from the mid-19th century on our Pale of Settlement and full listings.

Lithuanian documents posted:


A few more Chervins, including a couple in Costa Rica and some Cherwins in Germany. Plus a a full alphabetic listing of the Western European Chervins.

Lots of documents in from the Lithuanian State Historical Archives via Stew Cherlin, relating to Abraham Czerwin's family in the Vilna area in the 19th century.

What's new, July 2005

Extensive contributions from the Argentinan Chervin line have clarified their history and their relationship to other lines. It now appears that this line originates in Ekaterinoslav and Mariupol (Ukraine) in the area of the Jewish agricultural colonies established after 1846, with the Chervins arriving there from Svir about 1850. Of those who stayed in the Ukraine, after the holocaust the survivors went to Israel. In Argentina, 6 close relatives immigrated about 1910, and we have traced the descendants in two lines. See the summary page, and for the agricultural colonies see our reference page.

What's new, June 2005


We have reworked the Argentinian line with much new information coming in, and more expected.

Pavel Bernshtam's information on the Mariupol area Chervins has been updated, and a good place to start is with his line. There is a fascinating story here of the agricultural colonies of the southern Ukraine opened up to Jewish immigration at a time when Jewish ownership of land was otherwise forbidden in Russia, whose impact on the later agricultural colonies of South America and eventually Israel may have been substantial (we still do not know a great deal about this, but we provide some initial links to material on JewishGen).

We removed the password protection on the Yad Vashem Chervin listings, so they are directly accessible.

What's new, January/February 2005.


Terry Lasky supplied the family information for the Chervin line which originates with Leib Ocherediansky, who took the name Louis Chervin on arrival in the U.S. in 1923.

Another line is docuemented by Pavel Bernshtam, originating in the Ukraine (Mariupol) and also well represented in Israel.

Both of these lines are listed on the Table of Contents page. The direct links are here: Ocherediansky and Ukraine/Israel Line.

Stew Cherlin found a lot of information in the Yad Vashem database which we have explored and arranged into lines as best we could. Most of these lines are not understood, the main exception being a line included in Pavel Bernshtam's research. All of this is accessible from the table of contents page but is password protected at this time. (A password can be gotten by writing to the webmaster.)

We have continued to extend our lists of individuals with surnames among the major variants of Chervin in the U.S. We will need the help of family members to sort them into lines properly, and perhaps identify their places of origin.

Coming up shortly we expect extensive information on one of the Chervin lines in France, going back to the 17th century. There seem to be two distinct Chervin branches, one originating in the Allier, the other in the Savoie. The Allier line has over 1600 known descendants, originating with an ancestor born in Arfeuilles in 1605. (Source: Christophe Chervin.)


Much new data up, connected to the reorganized Table of Contents page.

More recently Stew Cherlin has found that Yad Vashem has some substantial family data and we expect to add that in shortly.

Also expected shortly is more information on the Ohio Chervin line, from Terry Lasky.

We have some new pictures in the Vilna line, our oldest ancestor Elye Velvel as well as Shiffra Richelson

Your webmaster is out of the country for a year, starting in August, 2004, but continues to manage these pages and to respond to email.

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