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Originating in Ukraine

History of the Chervin Family
(Russia/Argentina Line)
by Pavel Bernshtam

See also the Sladkovodnaya line and other Mariupol Lines

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Source: Pavel Bernshtam This family is also documented on Yad Vashem, see the 1st Mariupol Line.

Forebears: Svir Line

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Source: Pavel Bernshtam,

This family was associated with some of the Ukrainian Agricultural Colonies opened up in the mid-19th century for Jewish immigration (policies elsewhere did not permit Jewish ownership of land). There were many such colonies, but the Chervin line is associated specifically with the Nadezhnaya and Sladkovodnaya colonies in the vicinity of Mariupol, and then with Mariupol itself.

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Contemporary Ukraine

From an on-line telephone directory:

Surname Given Name Patronymic Tel # Date of Birth Residence Street Building Block Apt.
Chervin Sofia Grigor'evna 0 1925-01-01 Mihailivka non-residence   0 0
Chervin Sofia Askol'dovna 0 1987-09-10 Lviv Shafarika 6 0 13
Chervin Miroslava Grigor'evna 719454 1936-09-18 Lviv Harkivska 22 0 2
Chervin Valentina Alekseevna 0 Stanimir nonresidence 0 0
Chervin Anastasia Petrovna 768332 1947-07-11 Lviv Nekrasova 57 0 35
Chervin Maria Petrovna 23780 1984-07-03 Berezhani Deputatska 18 0 0
Chervin Natalia Nikolaevna 0 1963-01-26 Lviv Harivska 22 0 2
Chervin Evgenii Mihailovich 0 1983-08-15 Dnipopetrovsk Tarana 9 0 0
Chervin Aleksei Nikolaevich 0 1972-12-10 Zaporizhzhya Geroiv Stalingradu 46 0 51
Chervin Yurii Stanislavovich 0 1987-12-18 Druzhkivka Radchenko 58 0 51

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