Cherlin/Chervin Reference Pages: “YV” Section

Normally, you would arrive at the Reference Section via links from individual pages. But we give this overview of the existing files (possibly out of date).

Yad Vashem Listings

Searches for Cherlin or Tzirlin

cherlin14.html Search for last name Cherlin or synonym
March 2006
tzirlin02.html Surname Tzirlin or synonym
March 2006
(Database does not recognize Tsirlin)
tzirlin03.html Submitter Tzirlin or synonym
March 2006

See also this sorted list with an alphabetized key.

Searches for Chervin

chervin31.html Surname Chervina
February 2007
chervin32.html Maiden name Chervin or synonym
February 2007

Searches for Seplowitz (Cyplowitz)

seplowitz05.html Surname Seplowitz (2005)

Chervin Lines in the Holocaust, from Yad Vashem

yadvashem.html Overview of all lines
yadvashem01.html Lomza, Poland
yadvashem02.html Ostroleńka
yadvashem03.html Goworowo (Bialystok Province)
yadvashem04.html Warsaw
yadvashem05.html Warsaw district: Zielun, Maków Mazowiecki
yadvashem06.html Lithuania, Latvia
yadvashem07.html Volhynia, Polesie
yadvashem08.html Warsaw district
yadvashem-9.html Nowogrodek region
yadvashem10.html Ekaterinoslav Gubernia
yadvashem11.html Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland
Cervinka, Cerwonajagod, Corvin, Czerwonagora (=Rothberg)

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