Chervins of Argentina
Los Chervin de Argentina

History of the Chervin Family
(Russia/Argentina Line)
by Pavel Bernshtam

Pavel Bernshtam points out that Fanya (identified by Lorena Litvac) appears to be appear in our records also as Feiga Leizerovna, born about 1828 in the in the Nadezhnaya Agricultural Colony. The date and location are consistent with Isaac's birth date and emigration to Argentina. Note also that Isaac's first child was named Luis, which corresponds to Leizer (the name of Feiga's husband and of her father).

Bernardo related that the surname Chervin means either July or something black that turns red, and was originally something like Tserwin For the origin, the family seems to come mainly from Ekaterinoslav, and also Mariupol (and very possibly the Jewish agricultural colonies in that area). This is located in the Ukraine (at the time, Russia, and at other times Ekaterinoslav belonged to Rumania, we are told). This is in the region of Bessarabia, and the family also recalls their origins in those terms.

Roberto Abramzon has given extensive information derived from his mother who mentions both the city of Ekaterinoslav (modern Dnipropetrovsk), and Mariupol. Our information on the Chervins of Mariupol shows them coming from Svir, though we have not traced precise family connections between the Argentine group and the Svir group. The evidence for the connection is circumstantial (geography and the relative rarity of this name in these particular places).

The red/black connection is related to Chervon and Chervony as well, and is one of the two main sources for this name (the other one is the town Czerwin).


Ezequiel and Matias: main lines.

Esteban and Roberto: their lines.

Note: Spanish surnames follow different rules from English surnames and what we have above may be a mixture of two systems. For women, "de" precedes the married name. In the Spanish system men and unmarried women also have two surnames, paternal followed by maternal, but we have not received all this information.


Gil Arazi writes from Israel:

My ancestors moved from the Ukraine to Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century. My grandmother's uncle - Chaim Chervin - was a famouse Eye Doctor in Argentina.
Chaim may be Jaime, we will try to clarify this.

One unidentified Chervin married a woman named Maria Fimberg who may have been born around 1915, judging by the birth years of her uncles.

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