Cherlin Family Page: What's New in 2003

What's new, Winter 2003/4:


Four Cherlins of Irish Descent from the 1860 U.S. Census (Stew Cherlin).

Over the last few months we've added a lot of names, both in the U.S. and in 19th century Russia, and elsewhere. There are several new links by surname on the main page, and the full list of known variations on our variants page. Cherlin variants have been gone through systematically and classified, and transcription errors corrected. Chervin variants have been organized systematically, but not much investigated. The entries in the main lists are now color-coded: Jewish lines in blue, non-Jewish in grey, and the false matches in salmon. These lists include direct links to the manifests in the Ellis Island Database. We have gone through all relevant manifests for the Cherlin variants and posted the data.

These surnames are among the more common ones used (mainly in the U.S.) as a form of Tsirlin:

Also the Minsk Cherlin line came together nicely based on a couple of sources.

Vladimir Cherlin discovered a Russian Orthodox Saint Xenia Cherlin, martyred by the Soviet KGB in 1937.

We've also updated the Bockenek Line and added in all the U.S. Bockenek's we can identify. These may be Polish Catholic. The very common form of the name is Bochenek; we don't know if the remaining unidentified Bockenek lines are linked somehow or just represent various lines that decided to alter the spelling.

And there are a few more photographs of various sorts.

There are also interesting developments on the Chervin family site, but there is a separate news page for that site.


There is a separate site for Chervin family information. Hopefully this will grow over time.


A complete Seplowitz family tree is up, with new information coming from U.S. Census reports and Ellis Island immigration data. This ties in with Isadore Cherlin's page. (New data: Stew Cherlin.)

What's new, Fall 2003:

We learn that the so-called St. Petersburg and Lutsk Lines are actually linked through a common ancestor Abram Cherlin. Detective work by Ethel Blum and Vladimir Cherlin.

Meanwhile Stew Cherlin has been going through Ellis Island records and has not only found a lot of dates of immigration, but picked up a lot of information regarding birthdays and relatives for some of the earlier members of various lines, notably the Lutsk line.

After that, he started tearing through the U.S. census records. A lot is coming together as 2003 winds down. Some of this is summarized on the new page of "Cherlin and Chervin variants" with links to Ellis Island records; and it will be incorporated into various pages. Look for more on the Seplowitz family shortly.

The Bockenek family pictures from Zara are in place, along with various additional old family documents. See the Gallery, Hall 1A (Hall 1D since 12/2005) for additions, and Hall 2E.

And the "international" hall of the photo gallery has been split, with a couple of pictures from Australia in the new section.

The page of "Cherlin and Chervin variants" contains material for further investigation, sorted and linked in various ways. (Source: Stew Cherlin.)

What's new, Summer 2003:

A collection of 108 family photographs has come in from Zara Cohan, involving the Bockenek family and descendants of Sam Cherlin.
The collection can be seen here. Click on pictures for the full-sized versions with some identification.
We will be adding most of these to the picture galleries and web pages later.
There is also a separate Bockenek family tree.

From Amy Frey we learn of a possibly new line, involving Yehuda Cherlin, whose son Joseph took the name Levy on immigrating to the U.S. This is one of the earliest known Cherlin family members, as Joseph was born in 1868.

We've added Hirsch Cherlin from the Ellis Island records (sent in by Stew Cherlin).

What's new, Spring 2003:

Search Engine, Cramer/Stoler Line,
many striking pictures from David, Lillian, and Stewart Cherlin,
Yiddish signature by Jack "Chervin" (Stewart Cherlin)


Stew Cherlin's new picture of Jack Cherlin from 1920 is in the gallery, Hall 1A; this picture is signed in Yiddish and attests that the Vilna Cherlin line is actually a Chervin line, dramatically confirming an obscure family tradition.

New Cramer/Stoler chart from Stew Cherlin covers the Stoler, Cramer, Kopolovitz, Cherlin (Chervin), Levine, Hodos lines, connected to the Vilna Cherlin/Chervin line.

Unknown Cherlins/Chirlins:

Main Chirlin line: tree corrected with more input from Paul Chirlin.

A newspaper article from 1933 about Mary Cherlin's work with the blind has been forwarded by David Cherlin.


It's been a busy month. Dave Cherlin sent in over a dozen photos now in the picture gallery (mainly Halls 1b and 2c) as well as the updates mentioned below, and Stew Cherlin has made a remarkable discovery about the Vilna line which I'll be putting up soon. David's pictures originate with Len (Lillian) Cherlin. Other additions:


Jack and Pauline Cherlin in the Picture Gallery (Hall 1B), and a letter from Jack to Maurice on Jack's web page.
Information on Anna Stoler's line (descendants of Isaac Cramer), courtesy Stewart Cherlin:


We've added a Search Engine to the home page. (It generates a few ads as well - ignore the first few entries.)

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