Cherlin Family - Harry Cherlin

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Whitehall, PA

Father: Samuel Cherlin

Mother: Esther Cherlin

Spouse: Ida Kaufman Cherlin

Children: 2 daughters

SS-5: Application for Social Security Account Number

Number: 042-12-4715
Name given to employer: Harry --- Cherlin
Mailing Address: Pigeon Hill Road, Windsor Conn
Employer address: c/o Goldman, Pigeon Hill Rd. Windsor, Conn
Age on last birthday: 20
Date of birth: Sept 9 9, 1917 (the first 9 is an insertion for the month)
Place of birth: Poland (Europe)
Father's full name: Sam Cherlin
Mother's full maiden name: Esther ([Chalen - heavily struck through] Unknown)
Sex: Male
Color: White
Date: Sept. 2, 1938
Signature: Harry Cherlin (spiky writing)

Biographical information:

Born in Kobryn (now Belarus), 75 miles west of Pinsk. Immigrated to U.S. in 1936, sponsored by aunt.

Born September 9, 1917 and died September 19, 1982. Known from his Social Security Account Number application (SS-5) and the SSDI. It is not known whether his parents Sam and Esther came to the U.S. On his SS-5 application, under mother's maiden name, something is crossed out (it looks like "Chalen") and replaced by "Unknown". The handwriting on the form looks very different than that of the signature.

The marriage to Ida was inferred from their addresses and the dates. We now have a photo of the grave to confirm it.

Enlisted June 7, 1941, not yet a citizen. Then resident of Lehigh, PA. Enlisted in Maryland.

Buried in the Congregation Sons of Israel Cemetery, Whitehall, Lehigh County, PA.

Sources: public records online, and
Daughter Susan Hillman Tobenkin (2012), now living in Hamden, CT.