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Name Location Date Information
Laurent André René Principality of Andorra June 30 1999 Mentioned in a legal announcement.
Name Location Date Information
Estienne Daillens, Vaud Nov 1689 Christened
Father Daniel
Mother Françoise
Daniel Daillens, Vaud July 4, 1715. Marriage to Marie de L.
Name Location Date Information
Sarah J. Cambridgeshire 1850 English Census, 1861

Mary Cornwall 1792/3 English Census, 1851,1861
Sally Cornwall 1815 English Census, 1851

William Devon 1798 English Census, 1861
Mary Devon 1846 English Census, 1861
Grace Devon 1849 English Census, 1861
John Devon 1857 English Census, 1861

Ellen Dublin 1841 English Census, 1861
Ann Lincolnshire 1802 English Census, 1871
George Lincolnshire 1805 English Census, 1871

Jane Northamptonshire 1822/5 English Census, 1861,1871
Samuel Northamptonshire 1845 English Census, 1861
C. S. Northamptonshire 1848 English Census, 1861

Mary Yorkshire 1796 English Census, 1851

Stephen Unknown 1833 Ship's Manifest, Philadelphia, 1857
May Unknown 1834 Ship's Manifest, Philadelphia, 1857

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