The Town of Svir

The Vilna Cherlin line was Chervin or Czerwin originally. According to the Lithuanian State Historical Archives, the family members known in Vilna in the early 1900's were from Svir. The Revision List of 1858 for Svir shows no Chervin families present, but one family present in 1850 which left in 1853 or in one case in 1855. Lotteh Cherlin (born Leah Rabinovich) was from Svir as well, and there was one Rabinovich family present in 1858 (Lotteh's mother Yuchel is not listed). From the Lithuanian Historical archives we have the registration card of Abraham Chervin and birth/death records for his children Jack, Ilya (Eliash), Zev (Vulf), Sara, and marriage and divorce records.

Another line elucidated by Pavel Bernshtam originates in Svir with Zalman Chervin, emigrates to the Ukraine in 1853, and continues in Israel.