Raseinai, Lithuania (Raseyn)

Pages 359-360 - Volume 3) The provincial capital of “Raseiniai,” or “Raseyn,” lies on the bank of the river Raseykah, 8 kilometers from the Dubysa, near the communities of Girtigula (10 km.), Namukesht (25 km.), Kolm (55 km.), and Shidlova (15 km.), and 12 km. from the nearest train station in Shilovka. There were were no paved roads leading to Raseyn until the Kovno-Raseyn-Memel highway was built in 1936. Raseyn is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania and appears in records of the 13th and 14th centuries under different names, including Rushigen, Rossyen, and Rasseyne. In 1253 Prince Mindaugas ceded one part of the Zamut territory, including some of the district around Raseyn, to the Livonian Order of Christian knights, and the rest to the first bishop of Lithuania, Kristyan. From this area the Livonian order began to spread Christianity, and this led to bloody warfare in the area.

Asher Tserlin was one of the leading citizens of the last generation.