Chervin Family Pages: Privacy Policy

Site policy

This is a noncommercial site maintained by members of the Cherlin (Czerwin) family, specifically by members of the Elye Velvel Czerwin line.

We do not use cookies or track users use of the site, but our webhost maintains logs of user activity that include ip addresses and geographical location. Certain areas are password protected, with passwords generally made available to anyone expressing an interest in a particular line.

We use external service providers for our search engine and our guestbook. They place ads on those areas of the site and presumably have ways of tracking their use.

Genealogical Information

Genealogical information frequently contains sensitive personal data. The data on our site comes from a variety of sources: genealogical research, public data sources including the Social Security Death Index and newspaper archives, and (for the most part) submissions by a wide variety of family members in various lines around the world.

We request that those submitting personal information on living family members ensure that they have the consent of living relatives. When there are concerns about personally idenitifiable information, there are are two possible solutions.

Anyone with concerns about information posted about themselves or other living relatives should write to us directly at