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What's new, Summer 2007


We've clarified some of the Chervin lines documented in the Yad Vashem database. See the summary page.

What's new, Winter 2007

The Sladkovodnoye line recorded at Yad Vashem turns out to be related to the Shparber family, who had an extensive web site in Russian (, since removed). This has led to a much fuller account of that line, and in the process we stumbled on some more links at Yad Vashem that clarify the Nadezhnaya.

Your webmaster has been quite busy these days and has just finished up the project from last June relating to the French Chervin lines. We had a lot of material from Christophe Chervin, from GeneaNet, and from géné We never did get through everything on GeneaNet but the picture looks reasonably full now.

Estela Elena Trejo Chervin sent us two pictures of Bernardo Chervin and promises more family information in the future.

The French/U.S. family of André Chervin has been heard from, through his daughter-in-law Stephanie and daughter Carole, who sends us a photograph and some more information. This French Chervin line is actually descended from a Tchervinski (Czerwinski) line and is thus related to the rest of the world's Czerwinskis, Chervinskis, and possibly Czerwins and Chervins.

The Indiana Czerwins are getting sorted out with new information from Casey Czerwin just in. The earliest known ancestor in that line is Adolf Czerwinski.

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