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Cherlin Family Page: What's New in 2006

What's new, Summer 2006.


Israel Seplowitz Line updated.

What's new, Spring 2006.


Started fixing the Israel Seplowitz line based on a communication from Sylvia Ann Seplowitz, but out of time. Resuming in August.

Family of Max Zirlin from Minsk. From his grandson Harry Zirlin, who grew up in Weequahic, Newark - like your webmaster.


The Tsirlin lines recorded at Yad Vashem (mainly as Tzirlin) have been organized. See the Yad Vashem overview page. There are collateral lines which have not been fully explored which would reveal further relationships, and there are some additional database searches at the bottom of the page. Some of them were used in building the table, others might contain records we have not yet seen.

On a tip by Pavel Bernshtam we did a search on-line for telephone listings for Tsirlin in Israel.

What's new, Winter 2006.


A few Cherlins from Shchedrin, Bobruisk uyezd, Minsk gubernia and many Weiners as their descendants, added to the Minsk Cherlin page.

Some updates to incorporate more information from Aaron Ginsburg on the Cirlin/Ginzburg lines from Parafianov.

Various lines from the Castle Garden immigration database located by Stew Cherlin. Some Cherlins, Cirlins, and others.

Considerable progress on the Tsirlin lines recorded (mostly as Tzirlin, some as Cirlin or in other ways) at Yad Vashem. See the Yad Vashem overview page for the current status. Alphabetized list at the top, partly linked to individual pages. Direct links to Yad Vashem at the bottom, sorted geographically, and mostly by family groups.


Coming up: more on the Seplowitz line from Sylvia Ann Seplowitz.

Filled in a good deal of information in Sam Tsyrlin's line (Klintsi/St. Petersburg) and straightened out some crossed references. Sam also tipped us off to the Russian-born Canadian model Nelly Tsyrlin.

We have 5 pages of the naturalization file of a previously unknown Rubin Cherlin, born in 1882 and naturalized in 1948.

Aaron Ginzburg directs us to his site (originally at homepage.mac.com). His family numbers over 200 descendants of an ancestral Cirlin, mostly under other surnames. Connections remain to be discovered.

More English census data: 1851/61/71/91, 1901, from Stew Cherlin. See our overview page for English Cherlins.

The links have been cleaned up using Xenu's LinkSleuth, which should improve navigation.

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