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Cherlin Family Page: What's New in 2005

What's new, Fall-Winter 2005.


Another English line has solidified through information from Carol Harding. There is now an overview page for English Cherlin Lines together with individuals not in a known line.

Tsirlin line from Drissa, via Israel and Canada. From Boris Tsirlin and his daughter. This is in an area which shows a lot of Tsirlin family members over time.

View of Pohulanka St., Vilna, before the war. Home of Ruchel Tvia Chervin.

Extensions to the Chirlin listings. Added separate pages for each individual and incorporated a little more information from SSDI.

A dozen more St. Petersburg Tsirlins (with their patronymics, more like 2 dozen), courtesy Pavel Bernshtam.

Some Chevlin family members. These get mixed up with Cherlins from time to time. Another spelling is Chewlin.

Draft cards for our two Isadore Cherlins, Vilna and Lutsk lines, for a new Louis from Smorgon, and for Samuel Cherlin.


More Serlin family members from the Grodno gubernia, coming from the 1897 census on the JewishGen SIG.

More Tsyrlins from around Minsk and Mogilev. Listed geographically and alphabetically, with the Tsirlins.

Some materials around the Cyrlin/Roter connection, including scanned documents in Hall 4A. Further information in Jozef Dabranski's page. (Actually relating to Jozef Tsombowsky, but the question has arisen whether these are the same person.)

More information on the Vilna Line (family of Abraham) coming in from Lithuanian Archive via Stewart Cherlin. The following documents are expected relating to Abraham:

Also incoming:

Hyman Seplowitz' naturalization record (Doug Segerman).

From Inna Tsirlin Zaharescu (just married) comes information on a Canadian line with roots in the Ukraine and St. Petersburg, now based in Ottawa and Toronto.


We have a major Sirlin line, researched by Carlon Brooks, originating around Minsk. Sirlin is the form adopted in the U.S. The original was probably a form of Tsirlin.

And much more, by mail from Carlton Brooks. No time to document it all, but it has been posted, and most is accessible from the Table of Contents.

We also have unfinished business at Yad Vashem, some of which has been posted, but mostly not.

What's new, January-March 2005.


Data from the English Censuses of 1871 and 1901. The 1901 census adds to our knowledge of the Australian line and its English background.


From Diane Chirlin Levine comes information about one of the U.S. Chirlin lines, based primarily in California, and originating as a Tsyrlin line in Russia. We are expecting more details later. At the moment, we do not know much about the background in Russia and we are calling this the California Chirlin line.


Seplowitz family: we have information on the Cyplowicz line of Postawy coming from the Yad Vashem database. Original source Slava Gendel, found by Stewart Cherlin.


We have some new pictures in the Vilna line, our oldest ancestor Elye Velvel as well as Shiffra Richelson

Your webmaster is out of the country for a year, starting in August, 2004. In his absence, these pages will be maintained with the assistance of David Cherlin.

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