Cherlin Family Page: What's New for 1998

What's new, Winter 1998:

Information about the Seplowitz family has been added to the page of Hyman Seplowitz.

Chirlin/Cherlyn: The Chirlin line and the Cherlyn line both come from the immediate vicinity of Disna. The most recent information has been contributed by Paul Chirlin, of the Druje line.

Our information on the Australian line is greatly improved, thanks to new information from Harry Brookes which clarifies the circumstances of the family's departure from England to Australia and also pushes back our knowledge a generation. We now know that Abram Cherlin was born about 1867 and that his father Bennett Cherlin lived in England as well.

We have added some maps.

What's new, Fall 1998:

The Cherlyns of Plisa. Including a very interesting internal passport from Tsarist Russia. Also Tsirlins and Chirlins, and maps.

Isadore Cherlin's marriage certificate. (Elye Velvel line)

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